The Gollancz Festival Publishing Masterclass

Sunday 5th November 2017 1pm – 5pm 107 Charing Cross Road Literary Event, Signing, Chargeable Event

So you want to write a book! What’s it like being an author, and how do you cope? What happens when your first book gets rejected? How do you teach yourself to talk in front of an audience?

This session will focus on the details and demands of getting published and is a must for any would-be author. Featuring input from from literary agents and Gollancz publishing, as well as practical advice and help from authors including Aliette de Bodard, Pat Cadigan, Joanne Harris, Joe Hill, Ben Aaronovitch and more!



How it all began: Writing, Publishing & Getting an Agent

Our panellists discuss their early careers, rejections, the need for perseverance and their ultimate success. They’ll share the differences between their expectations and the reality of what it really takes to get from that first word to that first yes.

Authors speaking at this session:

Joanne Harris, Joe Hill, Alastair Reynolds, Elizabeth May and Kristen Ciccarelli

Chairperson: tbc


Pitch Perfect- learn how to perfect your book pitch

Those two words ‘elevator pitch’ send shivers down even seasoned author’s spine, but the good news is that you’ll rarely find yourself in that situation, and if you do, probably shouldn’t use it to pitch your book. However, a concise and attention-grabbing description of your book is vital for everything from a casual chat to the dreaded query letter. Our panel of literary agents and editors discuss how to make the best impression you can.

Speakers at this session tbc:

Ed Wilson, literary agent at Johnson & Alcock; Julie Crisp, independent literary agent; Marcus Gipps, editor at Gollancz; Rachel Winterbottom, editor at Gollancz






A book from start to finish

Our panellists discuss the entire story of a book’s life from every side: author, agent, editor, marketer, publicist and how it’s sold. How exciting is it to first find that next big thing? What is it like to get your work edited? What is it like to be the editor? How do you promote a book? These questions and more shall be answered by our crack team of panellists!

Speakers at this session:

Ed McDonald, Gillian Redfearn, Jen McMenemy, Stevie Finegan, Mark Stay and a literary agent (tbc)



Life after Publication? What should an author be doing after the book hits the shelves

A surprising amount of the work an author does doesn’t involve actual writing, especially once a book is in bookshops. Our panellists discuss what they do to give their work the best chance at life after publication including self-promotion, touring, social media, conventions and festivals, all while finding the time to write that next book!

Authors speaking at this session:

Ben Aaronovitch, Aliette de Bodard, Catriona Ward, Edward Cox and Bradley Beaulieu




Your opportunity to purchase books and get them signed by any of the authors in attendance.


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Jen works in the Gollancz/Indigo marketing team. Originally from New York, she talks too loud (and far too fast). When not marketing books or devising evil genius plans (as she prefers to think of marketing) she reads too much, adventures as much as possible and is learning the difference between US and UK English (it’s a complex process). She has a weakness for brilliant YA novels, fairy tales, myths, chocolate tea and trashy American TV. She also has a pathological hatred of mayo. You can follow her on Twitter: @gennmcmenemy

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