Steve Berry

Steve BerrySteve Berry is an author and freelance writer who has contributed to a  number of magazines, including Maxim and Scarlet, and has been a guest  reviewer for TalkSport’s Hawksbee and Jacobs radio show and Panini’s Doctor Who magazine. He has also written comedy for TV, newspapers and  the internet.

He has appeared on countless radio and TV shows talking about his specialist retro subjects: TV, toys, sweets and snacks, including Channel Five’s Greatest Moments series, UK Gold’s Porridge and  Doctor Who weekends, BBC Four’s The Hard Sell and C4’s Top Ten TV and 100 Greatest Toys.

You can find out more about Behind The Sofa – Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who, edited by Steve Berry, on Twitter @drwhobook or by clicking here.



Marcus joined Gollancz as an Editor at the beginning of 2011, and is greatly enjoying the chance to work on the kind of books he’s always read. His shelves at home are groaning. Previously, he spent ten years as a bookseller for Blackwell’s, ending up as Sales Manager for their flagship London shop on Charing Cross Road. He lives with his partner, a historian and novelist, and their very small child, who is going to know more about SFF then anyone else at nursery. This may not be a good thing.