Gollancz & SF Gateway Hugo eBook Promotion: 2000 and Beyond

Right. With the small matter of LonCon3 rushing inexorably towards us and time becoming even more relative than usual, here, without further ado (and by ‘ado’ we mean ‘anything other than dates and names’) are our winners from the twenty-first century. And the year 2000, which is still the twentieth century (yes, it is; don’t start with us):

2000 A Deepness in the SkyVernor Vinge (In Zones of Thought omnibus | SF Gateway eBook)
2006 SpinRobert Charles Wilson (SF Gateway eBook)
2011 Blackout/All ClearConnie Willis (Gollancz paperbacks | SF Gateway eBooks)
2013 RedshirtsJohn Scalzi (Gollancz paperback | Gollancz eBook)


[Please note that it is only the eBook editions of the above that we are able to discount for this promotion; print editions will remain at their regular price. This is a UK-only promotion.]


I'm the most recent addition to the Gollancz team and assist with all things SF Gateway. As a graduate in English Literature and a long-time fan of SFF, I feel a bit like I cheated somewhere along the way by landing a job that I can honestly say I love doing. When I'm not stuck in a book (a rare thing these days, indeed), I spend my time drawing digitally and have a particular fondness of manga and anime.